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The first book in the Aletheia Adventure Series is now available as a FREE EBOOK on this site; the next 2 in the series are available free with it:) Hope you enjoy the series!



Eunice Wilkie (E M Wilkie) is the author of the Aletheia Adventure Series and other children's books, such as the Bible Story Adventure Series. These books focus on presenting the message of the Bible in an appealing, comprehensible way.

Her current published works in the Aletheia Adventure Series include:
*The Rescue of Timmy Trial (Book 1)
*The Purple Storm (Book 2)
*The Broken Journey (Book 3)
* The Mustardseeds (Book 4)
* The Defenders of Aletheia (Book 5)
* The Rumour Mill (Book 6)

The Bible Story Adventure Series includes:
* The Garden of Eden Adventure
* The Noah's Ark Adventure
* The Tower of Babel Adventure
* The Christmas Adventure
There are further books coming in this series.

The Weenies of the Wood Adventures:
* God Cares For Us
* Lost In The Snow
* The Best Gift

Princess Precious and the Great King of Everything

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