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I am an intellectual scholar with studies in world religion for over 16 years. My professional career includes serving in the armed forces, founder of a Christian based online entertainment website, broadcast network, host of an inspirational top 40 coun


Los Angeles


I love reading books, it is a wealth of views and many times educational because you are never too old to learn. My Family remains the core backbone of my life. Although traveling and spur of the moment adventures are intriguing, volunteering by providing un-noticed time and hours to others in need fuels my drive. I am thankful to God daily for life, health, not to mention friends and supporters.

Tp spread truth and provide education around the world. But the simple things in life are open water diving, road trips and visiting my beautiful homeland of St. Croix in the u.S. Virgin Islands.

Books I've written

  • Christianity (The Deceit)
    Christianity (The Deceit) Religious by Claude Roberts
    Christianity (The Deceit)
    Christianity (The Deceit)



    Nov 2016

    Christianity (The Deceit) brings into light questions millions need to face, Is Your Spiritual following or belief a True envisioned Path?

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle