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I'm a physical-chemistry PhD and once an honest skeptic — a person who believes in, seeks, and wants to embrace truth. I've overcome my own doubt struggles with ENOUGH answers, however incomplete. This book resulted from a passion to help other honest skeptics — who don't easily settle for shallow answers to hard questions — as well as folks with doubts further along the road to belief in a biblical God.

As I've found from fact and logic, our world's myriad and often contradictory belief systems, whether religious or secular, CANNOT all be true. Either all are false or one must be true or most true. Logically, then, the marketplace of ideas that we routinely encounter confronts us with falsehoods and distortions of truth. This book presents evidence and arguments to counter some of these distortions, thereby potentially building BRIDGES over a few worldview traps and minefields.

This little-page, phone-friendly book hardly promises anything close to comprehensiveness or perfection, and I personally still have many unanswered questions. But it should minimally mitigate some misunderstandings and misrepresentations. Even if you dislike or disagree with some of the content, you'll doubtless encounter helpful perspectives that you've not previously considered. And even if you read only the EVIDENCE part and forego the more cerebral (and occasionally more technical) THINKING FURTHER and ABOUT US parts, you'll doubtless get more than your money's worth :-).

My only reward for writing this free e-book is the satisfaction of helping others. Contrary to anti-supernaturalist assertions that we're purely the product of undirected, materialistic, mechanistic, purposeless processes, I argue that each of us has purpose and meaning. Writing this book is part of my purpose.

Modern science and technology (especially cosmology), philosophy, theology, and apologetics; reading and — obviously — writing; watching documentary videos; reading and posting in Quora; hiking and camping; inventing and fabricating; playing electronic Scrabble, as well as table games such as Rummikub, Quirkle, and Sequence; and of course spending time with family and friends.

Books I've written

  • Bridges for Honest Skeptics
    Bridges for Honest Skeptics Philosophy by Joel Lantz
    Bridges for Honest Skeptics
    Bridges for Honest Skeptics



    Sep 2016

    God has arguably provided evidence clear enough to convince open hearts and minds, yet vague enough not to compel closed minds. But frequent misunderstandings...

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