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I have started as a part time writer only to very quickly discover there is no such thing, at least not for me… As with all creative enterprises once the creative process has taken on there is actually no time factor in this equation...


THE GLAD GAME REVISITED series a trilogy which represents the sum of my personal spiritual journey for many years now has been patiently waiting to be put on paper and published is now finally out and with it another dream come true for me This series is actually my debut as a self-published Indie Author and I am enjoying this new found independence immensely My spiritual path my creative writing have always been part of my life and as such intertwined since I can remember myself In essence I have always been both creative in different fields of the arts as well as on a personal spiritual path continuously My spiritually creative or creative spirituality journey started very early on in my life I can literally remember special experiences related to this path already as a -year-old At that time however Pollyanna still did not symbolically represent all of which I talk about in the Book series. At that early age she was a figure I secretly loved to hate in a sense and only later along my journey did she make her very impressive comeback My books came to life initially as an attempt to put in order piles upon piles of writings I have gathered through the years - these notebooks filled with years of my research along with documentations of my personal experiences were waiting for the right moment I suppose And the moment came about a year ago sometime during this reconstruction work I came across an old book which was one among my favourite reading repertoire as a young girl Pollyanna and right there and then I was privileged to experience what is known as an epiphany moment Standing there in the cellar of my home with this book in my hands...

I am a well-travelled cat – proficient in 4 languages, an avid art lover & nature admirer, who doesn’t really enjoy crowds, and would rather cuddle with a loved one in front of a fireplace instead of going out to a party. As a true romantic – sunsets make me tear and full moons make me dance… I am drawn to everything which is aesthetically inclined – art & design expressions are literally food for my soul… riding or just taking a walk in the meadow right after it has rained is a celebration of the senses I just adore, anytime, anywhere… In my spare time, I practice Yoga, meditate, try on new sorts of Praline creations, polish on my watercolour skills and -----swing ;) – which gently throws me back into alignment with the little girl in me putting an instant ‘sunshine smile’ on my face!

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