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OuterspaceTV started out as an idea several years ago. I've been trying different things and different characters but the one panel 3D format felt right for this strip. This is the first 100 cartoons that I created. There's about a 100 more on my website where a new one is added every day.
For years I did a 3-panel cartoon strip in 2D and in Afrikaans - these are collected in 2 e-books that are available at www.ontwaak.co.za
I've been dabbling in writing casual games for several years - to date I've created more than 16 games but I'm still struggling to create that best-seller that's going to make money!
I also write short stories, currently very short stories, so stay tuned a collection of those might pop-up someday, somewhere.

Believe it or not, my favourite past times are reading cartoons and playing computer games.

Books I've written

  • OuterspaceTV Cartoons Book 1
    OuterspaceTV Cartoons Book 1 Humor by Janette Van Der Vyver
    OuterspaceTV Cartoons Book 1
    OuterspaceTV Cartoons Book 1



    Apr 2016

    What are the aliens watching on TV? They're watching us of course, but not only us, they're watching all the different worlds, fantasy, real-life and all the...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle