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Raul Fattore is a frequent traveler, resident of Barcelona and tourist advisor at the Barcelona Tourist Office.




Raul is the creator of the website Barcelona Budget, which was born to address the lack of practical, useful information available for the budget traveller. He realized that there are quite a lot of books and websites about Barcelona, but he noted that many of them contain inaccurate third-party information, while others are a jumble of unordered content which makes it practically impossible to plan a trip to Barcelona.

Raul addressed this lack not only in his website Barcelona Budget, but also in an in-depth approach in his specific eBooks, by providing the reader with valuable information, as well as savings tips and secrets from an insider point of view that the reader will not find anywhere else.

The eBooks created by him not only provide valuable information. They are also advanced Tourist Guides, that the reader can use during his visit to Barcelona. The interactivity and multi-media information included in the enhanced ePub3 books provide an unique enriched experience.

When Raul is not advising visitors at the Tourist Office, you may find him strolling down the beachfront enjoying sunshine, or visiting other places of the planet.

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  • Travel Guide for Budget Travelers
    Travel Guide for Budget Travelers Travel by Raul Fattore
    Travel Guide for Budget Travelers
    Travel Guide for Budget Travelers



    Apr 2016

    This eBook is a quick travel guide oriented to budget travelers who want to travel to Barcelona and get the most out their visit, without having to break the ...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle