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I started writing in 2014 after retirement from Navy. Human nature in its variations attract me, and my books tend to be based on those. Many of the great men of the past and present who chose to deal with these questions were off the mark, I humbly feel.


30th November 1957


He has taken to writing on retirement from Indian Navy in 2013 after a lengthy career, during which he had the good luck to come across as colleagues, subordinates and superiors, a real, wide cross section of India, and quite a bit of the rest of the world. Every second person, during those years, that one had to do business with, thus being from entirely different backgrounds and consequently exposing a kaleidoscopic view of society, he couldn't but reflect on human transactions in many colors, each of them leading to a horde of imponderables, human or non human, living and non living.


Books I've written

  • An Easy Route to Peace
    An Easy Route to Peace General Non Fiction by Roy T James
    An Easy Route to Peace
    An Easy Route to Peace



    Feb 2020

    Why is our society always in a state of boil? A small perturbation can lead to a world war, which could exterminate the race itself. I think humans are aware ...

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  • Hubs that Provoke
    Hubs that Provoke General Non Fiction by Roy T James
    Hubs that Provoke
    Hubs that Provoke



    Apr 2016

    Author's views on many of the imponderables of life and living, entities that are constantly keeping the world at large, on tender hooks. Why we act the way w...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle