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FRACTIONS VISUALLY™ — VISUAL MATHS FRACTIONS — For Visual Learner Folks™, Who Find Text-based Fractions No Fun :-) Ages 5-11, kindergarten-5th grader, KS 1-2 or year group 1-6 in primary education (infants, elementary and junior schools).

FRACTIONS VISUALLY makes mastering maths fractions visual fun easy to follow For Visual Learner Folks Who Find Text-based Fractions No Fun Say goodbye to boring text-based fractions and hello to playful visual fractions FRACTIONS VISUALLY brings fractions to life thanks to innovative colour-coded visuals and engaging activities that make visual learners fall in love with fractions You want your child to enjoy learning and succeed in essential maths fractions As an experienced educational tutor the author observed how children and even adults struggle with basic fractions for years Hence the creation of FRACTIONS VISUALLY to make maths fractions visual fun easy to follow for visual learners This has helped countless children and parents to easily follow fractions and understand a whole lot better with confidence including those who hated maths and never understood fractions Now it s your child s turn to have fun with fractions Explore colour-coded charts illustrated diagrams visual fractions and excellent introductions that turn fractions into fun Follow simple step-by-step instructions and visuals that break down understanding adding and subtracting fractions into easy-to-follow steps Discover how fractions are relevant to everyday life using fractions story and kids characters to fuel your child's love for learning fractions Engage in hands-on activities such as colouring fractions shapes filling blank spaces and quick quizzes that transform learning fractions into educational adventure Say goodbye to fractions frustrations and hello to FRACTIONS VISUALLY to master maths fractions in a few hours That's a solid promise not a sales pitch Plenty of perfect gifts for a loved child visual learner kids with additional or special educational needs or someone who finds text-based fractions no fun FRACTIONS VISUALLY is for ages - grades kindergarten- th grader or year group - in primary education infants elementary and junior schools Also ADDING FRACTIONS STEP-BY-STEP for

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    TAFSIIRKA QURAANKA, Jiska 30aad International by Eng S Jama



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    TAFSIIRKA QURAANKA KARIIMKA AH, Jiska 30aad. 1: Al-Faatixah. 114: An-Naas. 113: Al-Falaq. 112: Al-Ikhlaas. 111: Al-Masad. 110: An-Nasr. 109: Al-Kaafiruun. 108...

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