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1st February

Denise N Fyffe B Sc b in Kingston Jamaica completed her degree in Career Development and Counselling at the Vocational Training and Development Institute Prior to that she studied Software Development and Design offered from the Caribbean Institute of Technology Presently she is pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Education As a child she attended Harbour View Primary and Camperdown High Since Denise has worked in various capacities her first job role was a Youth and Community Counsellor working on community initiative projects launched by the Ministry of Health then as an IT and English Teacher As the years passed she held several Information Technology positions aligned with the Education industry Presently she is the IT Programme Coordinator for a Jamaican University During her career she has worked for such organisations as Infoserv Institute of Technology Vocational Training Development Institute Heart Trust NTA Pearson Education and the University College of the Caribbean She also works as a freelance writer and assists various local and international clients to produce hundreds of online articles creative content and website content in addition to eBook materials Denise holds fast to the philosophy that you should follow your interests as knowledge empowers you and she advises do not set limitations on your profession or potential therefore she does not believe that one must only study one specific field For over a decade Denise has published more than books including several volumes of poetry while maintaining quite a few blogs on the Wordpress platform She has been described as a prolific writer Denise believes her true calling in life is to be a writer and all else are bonus gifts that she has had the divine freedom and blessing to explore Her morals are deeply rooted in Christian principles and she lives to be a genuine

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  • 101 Jamaican Love Poems
    101 Jamaican Love Poems Free Previews by Denise N. Fyffe
    101 Jamaican Love Poems
    101 Jamaican Love Poems



    Nov 2015

    101 Jamaican Love Poem is the comprehensive anthology of love poems by Jamaican author and poet Denise N. Fyffe. Her whimsical, erotic even witty anecdotal wr...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle