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Life is beautiful, even when it hurts deeply.


New Delhi


20th January

Like u I'm also a simple person living on this earth with all my humanely limits, a religious Turbaned Sikh, Holding my family values tightly, Married, No Kids, full time Sr. Engineer (C&I), .NET developer, Blog'er, Tweet'er, SEO-SEM, and Pranic Healer.

Meditation ;;; Listening / Talking about god ;;; Luv'g life the way it... comes, touches, and disappears ;;; Living life under "Respect all, Luv all" rule ;;; Knowing new people

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  • Ethics of 21st Century
    Ethics of 21st Century Self-Improvement by GS Virdi
    Ethics of 21st Century
    Ethics of 21st Century



    Dec 2015

    As per teachings of modern media, the meaning of freedom is to live a life without rules and responsibilities. Doing anything we like is portrayed as enjoymen...

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