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Hello and Welcome, I wanted to take a minute to let you know that my goal with this book, and any book I write, is to help other entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes I've made and to share what I've learned about Internet Email List Building and Marketing.


Long Beach


1st February 1961



After hearing the same question over and again from small business owners "What do I do with my old, stagnant email list?", Mike wrote "How to Re-Energize Your Email List and Re-Engage Your Audience"
This book is packed with everything Mike has learned about email marketing campaigns and the dangers that loom. He even included some helpful worksheets in the back.
He is currently getting ready to release his second book, "How To Build Your First Email List In 3 Days!" This book will show you how to build your first email list from scratch, with no previous experience. It's perfect for the beginner just starting their own Internet business or membership site.
Thank You for visiting Mike's author page and please let Mike know what you thought about his book by reviewing it. it.

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