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I am a monument to the efficacy of drinking industrial quantities of whisky and still managing to fool most of the people most of the time.




Craig grew up in Africa and went on to become a fellow of Trinity College and an alumnus of Cornell University New York.
At the age of 16 he was called up to the South African Defence Force and although many of his friends are now dead, he counts among the survivors various soldiers, gunrunners and warlords.
He is extremely proficient in the use of most small arms and has been in numerous fatal close-combat situations.
There is much in his life that he cannot talk about as it is hidden under the South African official secrets act that he signed in 1982.
As a result of these experiences - all of his books are written from either direct knowledge or experience and much is based on actual events. This gives them a unique level of accuracy, reality and poignancy.
Craig now lives in England with his wife, Polly and son Axel.
He also writes award-winning action thriller novels under the name C. Marten-Zerf.

Whisky, cigars...stuff...just general stuff!

Books I've written

  • The Forever Man - Book 1: Pulse
    The Forever Man - Book 1: Pulse Sci-fi Fantasy by Craig Zerf
    The Forever Man - Book 1: Pulse
    The Forever Man - Book 1: Pulse



    Apr 2015

    The world, as we know it, has ended. Now one man must guide humanity through its bleakest hour. Reluctant superhero, Marine Sergeant Nathaniel Hogan… The Fore...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle