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11th October 1969

Anthony Curtis Beaver went to Conrail Locomotive Engineering School at Conway PA He has a degree in Locomotive Engineering and trouble-shooting problematic systems was his specialty He was published at the age of in hybrid technologies and did advanced research before he was Mr Beaver was personally featured in railroading magazines for his families involvement in the railroad When he was years old he was almost dead from drugs and alcohol There is no doubt that he was very lost in the filth that he called his life Anthony asked Christ to help him and he did Each day he lives free from the disease that almost killed him now that is true freedom As a recovering alcoholic Anthony has been sober for twenty years now Every day he makes choices that are on the level of life and death for him The reason why he wrote this book is to give both the average person and himself a clear description of Christ s life A lot of people claim to know Christ but have little understanding of who he was or what he taught This code book clears the air by giving you a perfect understanding of the complete life of Immanuel Jesus Christ Let s explain why this is a code book Anthony once experienced a life-changing event where he was given his own revelation from God In a vision God took him into the Code Room of the Universe among other places Once in the Code Room he could see code falling and forming certain things These things or what make up our universe During this profound moment the idea of writing the Alpha and Omega Code came to him Years later he started this book by copying one verse at a time to follow a time

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