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James Brittain was born just outside Chicago. He received his Bachelors in English Literature from San Francisco State University, and an Associates in Applied Science in Film Production from the Oklahoma City Community College. His Poetry has appeared in The Homestead Review and the Prism Quarterly, among other publications. He is also an accomplished, if very independent and strange, film maker, his films having been selected for the South Texas Underground Film Festival and the Bare Bones Script to Screen festival.

Books I've written

  • A Slave of Evil
    A Slave of Evil Sci-fi Fantasy by James Brittain
    A Slave of Evil
    A Slave of Evil



    Mar 2015

    Born a slave, Kara was raised to obey her master's every whim as divine will. But when her master dies in a strange kingdom, she is enthralled by a demon. Com...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle