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My name is Bob Brandis.

My history is below but in a nutshell,

I have been with Education Qld for 38 years,
a teacher for 35;
of which 32 were as a principal.
I am now a relief teacher because I enjoy it.
I want to share my experience and improve your relief teaching skills.

I started with Education Queensland in 1973. I spent a few years teaching in Brisbane before taking over my first principal position at my one teacher school in 1979.

I progressed through the principal ranks until I earned principalship of my big city school.

Throughout my principal's career I kept close to my classrooms and teachers.

I saw some great relief teachers and some who just struggled through their days, not for the want of trying.

After 38 years I retired from full time work in 2010.

After I retired, I decided to join the ranks of Relief Teaching and walk the talk. I now do relief teaching in small country schools with multi-age students, small city schools with composite classrooms and large city schools.

I offer you my experience and will happily share activities, tasks and curriculum assignments that are tried and tested in various classrooms and various age groups.

Books I've written