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My name is John Dixon and I have been working as a Technical Author for the past 30 years. During this time I have written numerous manuals about software applications, operating systems, and computer hardware.

I began my working career as an engineering apprentice in 1979. This almost seems like the dark ages now, and I remember that at my first company we had one desktop computer for the whole firm ... and there were over 1100 of us! Apart from using a mini computer at college, my first experience of computing wasn’t until the mid-eighties when I was working at an electronics company, which incidentally is where I began my technical authoring career. I don’t think anyone then could have imagined where the computer industry would be today, in 2015.

Work-related: writing, web design and development Personal: skiing, walking, relaxing

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  • A Brief History of the Computer
    A Brief History of the Computer Free Previews by John Dixon
    A Brief History of the Computer
    A Brief History of the Computer



    Feb 2015

    For over a millenium, humanity has used devices for computation. One of the earliest machines that could perform arithmetic calculations was the Chinese abacu...

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