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This book exists because I care about everyone who reads it even though I will never know them. That means I strive to live by the biblical admonition to love your neighbor as yourself. To strive to do that, I offer readers the best of myself and my life. I worked at many jobs and led many lives. Before I stopped working professionally, I taught all manner of persons and population. My insights into the life I have led may well give the reader a chance to stop and contemplate the nature and meaning of their own lives. Whatever mistakes you made, your becoming self remains healthy and strong and ready to shine on your life. That's the point. These are not techniques, patterns and rules by which you change. You don't need to change. The book works to offer ways of perceiving ourselves in such a way that new choices become possible and allow us to receive outcomes that will work better for us.

This book isn't about me although you will find references to my life as illustrations. It's really about you. It's your book. It's my gift.

If you develop any questions or gentle comments, please feel free to contact me:

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