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Why do I love to write? In Stephen King's IT, Bill Denbrough asks 'Why can't a story be just as story?' I think I became a fan of Stephen King just because of that, because that one simple question is how I look at all my stories. I rarely think about


Woy Woy



I was born and raised in Singapore but moved to Australia in my teens. I've spent some years in country Australia and then moved to the big city, being Sydney, for work. In recent years, I've decided that the city is too much for me and have moved to a coastal town called Woy Woy (yes, that really its name - it means big water) and have been there since.

Books I've written

  • The Queen of Carleon
    The Queen of Carleon Sci-fi Fantasy by Linda Thackeray
    The Queen of Carleon
    The Queen of Carleon



    Jan 2015

    Avalyne is at peace. The Shadow Lord has been defeated and the war he unleashed has ended. With the kingdom restored, King Dare, a mortal has finally wedded h...

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