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I expect this era of man to come to an end soon, perhaps within my lifetime. I am 61 years old and expect to live a long life. I am trying to attain salvation through Jesus Christ and am trying to encourage others to do the same.




I was born in Bathurst New Brunswick Canada My parents were practicing Roman Catholics My first introduction to an understanding of the organization was in grade one reading the catechism I remember distinctly reading Remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy The Sabbath it was explained was the seventh day I knew that the seventh day was Saturday and that the church observed Sunday I was shocked and appalled I continued to attend church with my family but would usually faint during services Around the age of twelve I stopped attending For the next decade or so I was influenced by sex drugs and rock and roll In my mid twenties I decided to read the Bible for myself to see what was in it and what was not After reading it from cover to cover I found myself in need of instruction I visited various congregations to hear what they preached I listened to various television evangelists I allowed the Jehovah Witness to come into my home for a while These people knew a lot about the Bible they read it However they taught things and attitudes that I did not believe in so I asked them to stay away Finally in December I came upon The Plain Truth magazine published by Herbert W Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God This magazine and its advertised other publications really opened my mind to understanding I read everything I could get my hands on printed by this Church Then in I began attending services and requested to be baptized I was baptized in by one minister and put out by a new minister latter that same year. Continued at http://www,

My interest are predominantly practicing my religion, learning scripture, writing and managing a website.

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  • The Other Side Of The Holy Cover
    The Other Side Of The Holy Cover Religion by Jacques Gauvin
    The Other Side Of The Holy Cover
    The Other Side Of The Holy Cover



    Jan 2015

    Hundreds of Bible based articles on many subjects ranging from timelines to come as you are but do not stay as you are. It includes a non political view of 'A...

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