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Currently on the move from New York and headed south to finish up two more novels unrelated to The Peter Durant Series. Loving the effect these books are having on people! There is no greater thrill than knowing you have made a reader laugh out loud.

New York

16th February 1969


Writing is my life. After eighteen novels, I am writing with a level of excitement I have never felt before. Plese check me out and I do hope you enjoy.

I enjoy gardening, fine wines and fossil hunting in the nude.

Books I've written

  • Typewriters and Trilobites
    Typewriters and Trilobites Humor by Elliot Roothes
    Typewriters and Trilobites
    Typewriters and Trilobites



    Mar 2015

    At least fifty times better than book one in The Peter Durant Series, Typewriters and Trilobites is not only funnier but downright sexy as hell. Not only will...

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