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FYI: A Codex For Gnostics: Cosmic Comedy Writ In The Zone of Malkuth is now available to order from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is the second book in the Lunacy Trilogy after The Soma Tantra (which is still freely available here).

Obsidian Eagle (pen-name) is a writer who has been very active on social media since 2010. He's an indie author and literary guerrilla who goes against the grain of the commercialized publishing industry. Furthermore, Obsidian is currently working on the third book of his Lunacy Trilogy, under the title Tome of The Sixth Sun: A Cosmic Dramady. Visit the author's website for enigmatic Anti-Poetry that does well at deviating from the usual poetic conventions.

Nagualism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Tantrism, Shaktism, Pantheism, Paganism, Polytheism, Metaphysics, Mythology, Philosophy.

Books I've written

  • The Soma Tantra
    The Soma Tantra Sci-fi Fantasy by Obsidian Eagle
    The Soma Tantra
    The Soma Tantra


    Feb 2012

    When the moon god Soma Chandra defies his brethren by kidnapping their guru's new wife, the gears of war are set in motion. An age-old conflict between demon...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT