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Samuel David is the Author of three books, You Paid What, The Gentile Witness Book I Enoch, and the second in the series Elijah. Seeing prophecy books only told one side of the story of the time of sorrows, he wrote this series in a modern setting, telling both sides of the story, God and Lucifer’s. Book I had over 250,000 downloads. Samuel lives in the Hill Country in Texas with his family. He has five children, five grandchildren, and two great grand children.

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  • Enoch The Gentile Witness
    Enoch The Gentile Witness Sci-fi Fantasy by Samuel David
    Enoch The Gentile Witness
    Enoch The Gentile Witness



    Oct 2014

    If you believe Tribulation will come someday, if you believe Christ will return, then this book may well be for you. Set in a modern setting read how these tw...

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