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30th December 1995

Steven Vagovics is a young author from Slovakia. Besides writing, Vagovics showed high interest in music. In 2013, he released an EP album on his own which contained five songs recorded at his home. The album was available for a free download on his website. He also plays in two rock bands which are only about to release their recordings. In 2010, he created a YouTube account where he regularly posts his stereo mixes and remasters of the songs by The Beatles. Written in 2011, 'The Mystery of Deadly Daisies' is Steven's first finished book with an established upcoming series. Steven Vagovics received several awards throughout his elementary school period in English competitions.

Books I've written

  • The Mystery of Deadly Daisies
    The Mystery of Deadly Daisies Mystery by Steven Vagovics
    The Mystery of Deadly Daisies
    The Mystery of Deadly Daisies



    Oct 2014

    What would you if you had a material feud with your future brother-in-law? Would you fight for your right? Would you do more than anyone else to get what you ...

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