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Renée is a full-time writer who lives in Sydney, Australia, with a crazy pooch named Abbey and a boisterous, somersaulting rescue budgie named Kaleb. Her days are spent living in her fictional worlds and consuming way too much caffeine. She has an (unhealthy?) obsession with all things cupcake- and coffee-related plus Kerouac and YA dystopia/fantasy books. Renée can often be found surrounded by books, marathoning crime shows and munching on vegan goodies, on Twitter (@Renee_Shearer), Pinterest, or dancing in a rainstorm.

Renée hopes to one day visit Rio and is currently learning Brazilian Portuguese.

Renée Swann is a pen name for Renée Shearer, who also writes young adult fiction as C.J. Hart.

Books I've written

  • My Never (My Never, #1)
    My Never (My Never, #1) Romance by Renee Swann
    My Never (My Never, #1)
    My Never (My Never, #1)



    Oct 2014

    Monique Cullen is turning thirty. She thinks a life of cats and singledom is ahead of her. Until she runs into her high school sweetheart while vacationing i...

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