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Multi-published Trad-turned-Indie British author of the 15-strong Rafferty & Llewellyn series as well as various Standalones, including Tudor Biographical Historical, Reluctant Queen.




20th October

I'm a Londoner by birth and upbringing, but moved away from the crowded claustrophobia of the capital city to a Norfolk market town in 2000.

I first escaped from publishers' slush-piles in 1991 with a romantic novel. I then switched to writing mysteries and Dead Before Morning, the first book in my 15-strong Rafferty & Llewellyn mystery series, found favour (British spelling!) at Macmillan and was published in 1993. Altogether, I've had eighteen novels traditionally published. I turned independent in 2010 and have since published my back-list as well as several new books, both fiction and non-fiction (some under pen names).

I was always a reader, and after leaving school at sixteen, the tedious succession of dead-end jobs made me crave a fulfilling career. What else would I, as a word-lover, turn to as a career, but that of a word-smith? Luckily, blissful ignorance of the publishing industry coupled with the determination of the best fictional super-heroes kept me writing through six novels and piles of rejections until I received that letter with the blissful words: 'We'd like to publish your book.' Every published writer remembers that moment. I even had my husband capture a picture of me holding said letter for posterity. I've still got it!

But now I'm an indie. And proud of it.

Reading, painting not very good portraits, getting God-like in the greenhouse.

Books I've written

  • Dead Before Morning #1 of 15
    Dead Before Morning #1 of 15 Mystery by Geraldine Evans
    Dead Before Morning #1 of 15
    Dead Before Morning #1 of 15



    Sep 2014

    With his superstitious Irish nature, British Detective Joe Rafferty is unsurprised that his first murder case since his promotion is a tough one. The murder v...

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