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I have been working in investment banking for the last 30 years. Nowadays, I am the founder of and Gold Mastermind and coaching program aimed at helping retirees or on the verge of retirement who want to learn how to secure their hard-earned money using the latest techniques and method available in the market.

Along the way of my career I have advised more than four hundred people about gold investing and passive income investing strategies. And what I have realized is that there are tons of misinformation out there that misleads people from taking the right decision. Thus, we created our gold mastermind. We wanted to create a space where people with the same needs and interests could gather to learn and share their experiences. But above all, we want to offer top-notch information to lead them to their destinations.

Another thing that I have discovered throughout the years is that most financial outlets are biased towards some particular interests. So, it is very difficult to get honest advice or trustworthy information in order to take financial decisions.
This is the main motive that encouraged me to start publishing guides and e-books such as the e-book that you can download here in

I highly recommend you to read our e-book about planning retirement because you will be able to get the pulse on how to plan and save for your retirement. Not to know how to plan your retirement is like going in life with blinders on. You don’t have a steering-wheel to sail your boat. And this is not the best scenario when your life and your entire savings are at play. I said that because I have seen many friends whom bad financial decisions wrecked their lives and the future of their family.

Books I've written

  • The Debt Bomb Is Ticking: How To Plan Your Retirement
    The Debt Bomb Is Ticking: How To Plan Your Retirement Economy by Steve Smith
    The Debt Bomb Is Ticking: How To Plan Your Retirement
    The Debt Bomb Is Ticking: How To Plan Your Retirement



    Sep 2014

    This ebook sheds some light on the subject of retirement. We have covered lots of worries and questions that we are asked frequently from how to think ahead w...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle