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I was born (1944) in Tanganyika arriving in the UK in 1963 to attend the Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology. Finding the fenland winter too cold to bear, I spent much of my first year identifying the college with the best heating system and found it at Keele University where the Nissen hut accommodation was served by the largest radiators in the land. Keele then allowed its undergraduates a Foundation year during which I discovered History, the love of my life after Merrilyn, whom I met at Keele. We married in 1969 and were blessed in 1972 with a daughter, Sophie.

The family home of forty years and more is in Staffordshire where, at various colleges, I have taught African Politics and Government, International (European and Non-European) Political History and modern Polish, British and German Diplomatic History.

God of Hunger. First published by The Electronic Book Company.

Books I've written

  • God of Hunger
    God of Hunger Fiction by John Coutouvidis
    God of Hunger
    God of Hunger



    Jan 2012

    God of Hunger is a fascinating and imaginative novel which take us to different settings and allows the reader to view the story through the eyes of different...

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