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Kay White shows experienced business women (and a few very smart men) how to communicate and influence so they show up in business, own their value and sparkle and really get heard. With what Kay shares business women naturally attract more income and opportunity ALL while being true to themselves.

By showing her clients savvy, influential words, ways and phrases to use, Kay's clients are able to get their point across without upsetting people; they get noticed for the right reasons and they understand just how powerful they really are.

Drawing on her 20 year corporate career, working to Director level in the frenetic, pushy insurance broking world, Kay's a self-confessed word nerd. She blends her straight-talking insights with her natural sense of humour and style.

As she says "When would now be a good time to Power Up; To Speak Up and to really Be Heard?" It's time.

Books I've written

  • Power Up; Speak Up; Be Heard
    Power Up; Speak Up; Be Heard Career by Kay White
    Power Up; Speak Up; Be Heard
    Power Up; Speak Up; Be Heard



    Jan 2012

    This book delivers effective and simple-to-use tactics for business professionals looking to communicate in a way that connects and inspires people and gets t...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT