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As a CEO, how do you ensure employees are focused on the company’s key initiatives? Kapta provides executives with a cloud-based system to clearly communicate company goals, track every employee’s expected contribution and review overall status through a real-time dashboard. Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., and founded in 2012, Kapta gives executives a clear line of sight into each team member’s performance and the system’s easy-to-use alignment tools keep employees on track in less than five minutes each week. Kapta’s intuitive input process virtually eliminates “work about work” and instead provides employee alignment and executive feedback to successfully scale your business.

strategic planning software, align employees, dashboarding software, business execution software

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  • Kick-Ass Talent Management
    Kick-Ass Talent Management Business by Kapta Systems
    Kick-Ass Talent Management
    Kick-Ass Talent Management



    Dec 2011

    Part 1: An Introduction to Talent Management Part 2: Talent Management and the Company Part 3: Software to the Rescue - the Talent Management System Bonus:...

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