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Working on a New Book Series I think I will Call UnPlugged. I am hoping to have the first one up within the Next month


Salt Lake City


Living within the great valley beneath the towering Wasatch Mountains has allotted me the privilege of two worlds. Within minutes of town, I am deeply enclosed in their shadow, and find places where time does not exist.
I have held a management position in the hospitality industry for the last eleven years and to some degree, attribute my writing ability to convey a thought ,my edge. Through it, I am empowered to communication with people far beyond my touch. The hospitality field, has blessed me with an endless array of characters and believe me, if given the opportunity everyone has a story to tell rich in details, covering everything from family life to foreign travel.
Thinking back I recall how letters excited me, because I knew they would connect together to create words and words made books, like the ones may parents and grandparents read to me. Besides I'm terrible at drawing.
Personally I find writing to be my refuge from everyday life. Sometimes I merely take a character and build them a world ... its like playing God, but more often characters have a drive of their own, and its a matter of tuning in to hear what they have to say. When this occurs, I found writing more like reading because I can't wait to get to the computer to find out what comes next.

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  • Chatterton Place: The Inheritance
    Chatterton Place: The Inheritance Mystery by Patricia C Garlitz
    Chatterton Place: The Inheritance
    Chatterton Place: The Inheritance



    Jul 2014

    After purchasing a set of china that matched her Grandmothers, Emma Chase finds her world turned up-side down by an inheritance no one knew about. The Chatter...

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