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I write stories that have happy endings. It is one of my ways of combating all the unhappiness in the world. My genres include : Regency romance, modern day romance and fantasy with time travel or dimensional travel. Happy to hear from readers.




3rd February

All her stories finish with a happy ending whether they be Regency romance or time travel. It is her way of finding a balance with the unhappiness in the real world.

She is a vegetarian and a supporter of animal rights with a great admiration for the British abolitionist, William Wilberforce, who was also a member of the SPCA. It later became known as the RSPCA (the Royal society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Several paragraphs have been devoted to him and his causes in her book 'The Viscount's Midsummer Mistress'.
All her other books can be found on Amazon or with other reputable vendors at a reasonable price.
Her latest novella, 'Garnets,' is a Regency romance which includes time travel.

Family and friends apart, she takes an interest in animal welfare. Manual arts have always been part of her life as well. She loves knitting, painting, photography and even decorating. She considers gardening a manual art too!

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  • The Builders Report
    The Builders Report Romance by Suzy Stewart Dubot
    The Builders Report
    The Builders Report



    Oct 2014

    A 'cold-hearted' publicist with her own advertising agency, Cleo is going to get more than an office added to her house! As she searches for a reputable build...

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