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Hi, I am Tommy Macken. Born and reared in Ireland where I live with my wife Sandra, I have worked most of my life in the motor business. In 2009 I studied and qualified as a life coach because I wanted to improve my skills in motivating and coaching staff. I discovered a new profession that actually produces very positive results. In 2011, affected by the economic crisis, I wrapped up my motor business, and free time led me to look at life coaching along with my other skills to help me discover which direction is best for me going forward. At fifty, I really wanted my own life to take a different direction. Wanting is a bit like wishing; I know how to coach, now I have to do things for myself, start all over again. I 'm lucky I have plenty of experience and I have achieved my life long ambitions to own and operate a successful dealership. Itis now time to bank this success and move forward.
I am not an academic, and this program was written for ordinary people like my-self. Thankfully success such as running a business is for everyone. There are no educational requirements; one only needs the right attitude. Please feel free to email me

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  • 28 Days to Success
    28 Days to Success Self-Improvement by Tommy Macken
    28 Days to Success
    28 Days to Success



    Aug 2011

    A powerful experience in indirect life coaching.Tommy will help you contemplate your life, review your dreams, set goals and design a plan as you move forward...

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