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Hello all, I hope you enjoy my story. feedback always welcome ^^


Having traveled extensively throughout the world, my fascination with the development and variety of the human condition has never diminished, in particular the influence of environment and culture on shaping our common humanity.

Refuge Cross combines my passion for storytelling, history, social development and emotional intelligence through the creation of a fantastical world where contrasting groups of characters play out their individuality in a time filled with intrigue and adventure.

Books I've written

  • Refuge Cross: The Exiles
    Refuge Cross: The Exiles Youth by Sven Grams
    Refuge Cross: The Exiles
    Refuge Cross: The Exiles



    Apr 2014

    In a land where the controlling of emotions has a powerful influence on the physical environment, join Trex and Sara as they contend with their new emotional ...

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