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For the past two decades, Drew Innes has served the needs of clients, business associates and employees in the Construction, IT, Finance and Personal Development Industries. As a practitioner, literally someone who has walked the talk, Drew is a recognised leader, organisational manager, negotiator and peak performance recipient, who has been recognised for his strategic intellect and ability to inspire others by influence and through his actions.

Drew has spent the past 20 years studying, practicing and applying personal development and peak performance strategies initially in a corporate role in construction and more recently private enterprise and has personally founded, funded and managed (in the field and as a corporate executive) four businesses in four different industries.

Drew InnesA successful entrepreneur, Drew has served as Director of seven privately held companies in industries as diverse as construction, information technology, finance, business services, and personal development, and he currently holds an interest in three businesses – two in finance and one in personal & professional development. While diverse in characterisation, all the businesses served Drew's desire for contribution and service to his clients, business associates and employees.

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  • Building a Succesful Brand Online
    Building a Succesful Brand Online Network Marketing by Drew Innes
    Building a Succesful Brand Online
    Building a Succesful Brand Online



    Aug 2011

    Well, it’s about time someone set the record straight and traversed all the hype. There are way too many web sites online promising individuals that they'll m...

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