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12th November 1985

Growing up in a Canadian small town and being privileged enough to be surrounded by nature made the difficult times much easier My best and most peaceful memories were ones where I was climbing trees swimming in the bay or interacting with animals Acquiring the spiritual knowledge of the Native culture through my mother and a welcoming community gave me the strength of spirit to press on and the ability to appreciate the beauty and gifts the universe provided me Being a part of a large family that was eventually separated due to divorce impacted my life in a significant way Some of the challenges I experienced as consequences of this situation were being separated from half of my family and living with a single mom who was ill This led me to grow up very fast and I took on many responsibilities such as looking after my younger sister A difficult background and a natural inquiring mind lead me to achieve a B A in psychology with a minor in English language and literature Taking psychology not only helped my healing but also facilitated my other passion helping others especially children in need My mother always liked to tell people that when I was little I would watch World Vision and ask her to pray during Native ceremonies for those children that had much less than I did Now after witnessing the negative impact childhood trauma can have on an individual s future I want to take even more effective action to halt the cycle of abuse From working with children in a not-for-profit organization to volunteering for Children s Aid to now being an energy therapist and the founder of Peace Alive I believe that there is great potential for healing whether that be from the influence of

music, hiking, dancing, spending quality time with loved ones, animals, nature, energy therapy, cultures, spirituality, psychology, movies, etc.

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  • Above the Darkness
    Above the Darkness Fiction by Sarah Morrissette
    Above the Darkness
    Above the Darkness



    Mar 2014

    Open your heart and conquer the impossible, Elizabeth. A small town pre-teen girl with a big heart and big brain takes on not only her large dysfunctional f...

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