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Wirral near Liverpoo


I love young-adult fiction, alternative science, neo-classical minimalist music and mountains. Neil Gaiman and Anthony Horowitz are amongst my favourite mainstream authors. My most esteemed musician at the moment is Ludovico Einaudi. It is so beautiful and so melancholy, its wonderful! Andreas Vollenweider, is also very important to me. Around the same time that I discovered an academic side to myself (I wish I had known this during my school years) I started writing fiction. I tend to lean towards young-adult science fiction/fantasy in both my reading and my writing. Spirit Runner is my first novel and a second part to the series is being written. I am interested in science, deep geo-politics, spiritual, cosmic and paranormal phenomena. I recommend Sky Channel 200 in the UK, Edge Media or Richplanet.net as good jumping off points on some of those subjects. I have a family and live and work near Liverpool as a community acupuncturist.

hill-walking, neo-classical piano music, playing piano, young adult fiction writing, deep geo-politics, paranormal and spiritual stuff, my favourite novel is American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

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  • Spirit Runner
    Spirit Runner Fiction by Leon Southgate
    Spirit Runner
    Spirit Runner



    Jun 2012

    A tale of multiple dimensions, secret government psychic agencies, off-planet, humans and space-creatures. Our heroes are two psychic, disabled teenagers who ...

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