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I explained in the Forward of this book just why I was writing it. This is the story of my son Cameron, who committed suicide nearly five years ago. He suffered from bi-polar disorder. It is about his life, his dreams, his good times and his not so good times. It is also a book about me and how I learned about bipolar disorder. It is my journey too. It is about the mistakes I made in dealing with Cameron and then my realisation and finally my understanding and above all the most important thing I learned was to listen. My hope is that this story of Cameron may be read by people out there who are now in the same position as I was with Cameron. I hope they will benefit from my experiences.
If you would like to contact me my name is Jocelyn Price. My email is Once again, thanks for sharing this journey with Cameron and me.

Books I've written

  • Lost Boy
    Lost Boy General Non Fiction by Jocelyn Price
    Lost Boy
    Lost Boy



    Jun 2011

    A mother's story of her son, Cameron, who suffered from bipolar disorder. From the Forward: "I am writing this book about my son Cameron who committed sui...

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