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Books 10 & 11 in the Godhunter series are now on sale on Amazon. Into the Void: and Out of the Darkness:




FIND AMY'S BOOKS ON AMAZON Amy Sumida lives on a little island in the middle of the Pacific ocean with her two gravity-defying felines She sleeps in a fairy bed lifted high in the air and upon waking she enjoys stabbing people with tiny needles over and over under the guise of making pretty pictures on their skin She paints dark images on canvases in a cave-like studio carved out of the side of a cliff and beautiful murals on the walls of her home directly above She's happiest with her nose buried in a book or in her laptop as she writes her novels She is the author of several books including the Godhunter series Feeding the Lwas The Magic of Fabric Enchantress and Bargains of the Heart She's been writing since she was a little girl but first decided to pursue writing as a career when she gave her High School English teacher one of her books to critique and unbeknownst to her that teacher passed her book around to all of her friends A month later she was accosted in the halls by a teacher she didn't know begging her to write a sequel She's been writing novels ever since She enjoys serious kick-ass heroines in her literature Nothing is more endearing than a woman who goes up against overwhelming supernatural odds with a sense of humor she says Who wouldn't want to be that woman I want to be that woman So that's who I write about the woman I want to be and the men I want to be with Her main characters are strong witty women who in the midst of trauma will crack a joke or find the nerve to sass a villain even when they know it's not in their best interest

I'm a huge fan of anything that goes bump in the night. Why experience the ordinary when you could immerse yourself in the extraordinary? Vampires and werewolves? Yes, they're lovely but I'm truly a fan of everything else, all those other beasties you hardly hear about. That's why I started writing the Godhunter series. I wanted something new, so I invented it myself. I'm also fascinated by different cultures and I study gods not just as research for my books but because they are so interesting. Learn about a people's god and you learn about them. I enjoy bellydancing and painting, anything creative. Writing, sculpting, drawing, airbrush, jewelry making, bookmaking, sewing. When I see something I like, the first thing I ask myself is "Can I make that?"

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  • Godhunter
    Godhunter Romance by Amy Sumida



    Jan 2014

    Have you ever seen the face of God? Heard his voice? I have. Lots of them, in fact. The gods aren't who you think they are. They were Atlanteans. Yep, that At...

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