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Doctor of Philosophy, IIT Bombay | Master of Technology, IIT Delhi | Bachelor of Technology, M.M.M.U.T. Gorakhpur | Author of Advanced Geometry & Electro-Magnetism | Proposed Rank Formula, Theory of Polygon & Theorem of Rotation | Passionate for Math |




20th January 1991



He is studying for a PhD at IIT Bombay. He received his master in Production Engineering from IIT Delhi. He wrote his first book Advanced Geometry based on research articles in Applied Mathematics & Radiometry for higher education which was first published by Notion Press, Chennai, India in April, 2014. He published a handbook of holistic formula from 'Advanced Geometry' in 2015.
He also authored a new book 'Electro-Magnetism' in Theoretical Physics published by Amazon, Notion Press, Bubok, Sweek in Feb 2020.
He was given Best Paper Award for outstanding performance for his research paper 'Magnetic Field Generated by Rotating Electric Charge' in Young Scholar's National Research Writing Competition organized by Mindshare Yuva on 8th March, 2021. He invented a formula named as 'HCR's Rank Formula' in Algebra & derived a series named as 'HCR's Series' in Number Theory. He proposed a theory 'HCR's Theory of Polygon' & he derived a generalized formula for regular polyhedrons (all five platonic solids). He derived HCR's Theorem of Rotation and corollary. He derived infinite series for analysis of conical sections. He authored his first book 'Advanced Geometry' first published by Notion Press, Chennai, India. This book is based on new academic research in higher education. It mainly deals with the radiation energy, emitted by uniform point-sources, striking 2-D & 3-D objects in the space and advanced knowledge of Geometry & Trigonometry.

Mathematics, Physics, Laser Material Processing, Laser Machining, Advanced Manufacturing, Modeling and Simulation in Manufacturing,

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