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Black Market Baby is written under a pen name to protect the identities of those involved. This is my fifth published book and I’m working on the next two. I was born and raised in Canada and moved to the US to get away from the strangling political atmosphere in Quebec during the 1970s. I was finally drawn to the West – the Rocky Mountains – where I love to hike and eventually wound up at the Pacific Ocean.

I am an artist. I sculpt all kinds of stone. I love spending time in the wilderness. Every time my daughter asks, "Ma, want to go for a hike?" I'm there. Besides backpacking, I think I like to write most of all. I love spending time at the ocean. Walking on the beach for miles. And I love to read.

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  • Black Market Baby
    Black Market Baby Biography by Renee Clarke
    Black Market Baby
    Black Market Baby



    Jan 2014

    Black Market Baby reveals my life growing up as an adoptee. . . With its inherent sense of restlessness, abandonment and denial. Half the U.S. Population (140...

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