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Love is the most beautiful and powerful force in the entire world! God is Love / Love is God.

Marcos Aragao Correia was, during about 5 years (until the end of 2012), the Lawyer of the mother of the Portuguese kidnapped and murdered little girl Joana Cipriano, abducted in the Algarve just about 12 miles from where Madeleine McCann was kidnapped. He also worked with the Spanish private detectives agency Método 3, which was the main agency contracted by Madeleine's parents to search for their daughter.

Marcos Aragao Correia, with the institutional support of the Portuguese Lawyers Order and of Amnesty International, was able to prove in courts that his constituent Leonor Maria Domingos Cipriano was brutally tortured by several portuguese police officers, torture perpetrated with the objective of forcing her to emit false confessions. Goncalo de Sousa Amaral, chief of the police responsible for the State investigations over the disappearances of the children Joana Cipriano and Madeleine McCann, was convicted to a 1 year and 6 months jail sentence for perjury crime related with the brutal torture that Leonor Cipriano was a victim.

Marcos Aragao Correia is the Author of the Book "The Love Spirits - The Little Girls who came from the Stars".

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