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Ask not what life can give you but what you can give for life…


Adi Atar is a professional beautician and makeup artist, life coach and business mentor, Reiki Master, web developer and graphic designer, Author and online entrepreneur. She has more than 20-years knowledge and experience in the areas of homemade treatments, herbs, essential oils, nutrition, fitness, self-help and more. She has been practicing Tai Chi and Chi Gong for more than 15 years and believes that every woman can feel and BE beautiful without any doubt.

Self Development, Health and Beauty, Design, Art

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  • 365 Quick Beauty Tips
    365 Quick Beauty Tips Beauty & Fashion by Adi Atar
    365 Quick Beauty Tips
    365 Quick Beauty Tips



    Sep 2014

    Get "365 Quick Beauty Tips" and gain some useful and quick beauty tips, treatments and methods that will improve your natural beauty and make you look and fee...

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