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Mary Rincon is Married with Six Children of her own and Three by her Marriage She resides in Southern California She is a Prolific Author Loves to write Children Books Mary Rincon was born near Las Angelas California In A Hospital she was premature and sick Mary stayed a few nights in the Hospital After That Mom and Dad Dedicated her as a Baby at a Baptist Church where they were also Baptised as Baptist Mary went to Madison Elementry School Mountain Empire High School and Gateway Community College for a Nursing Career She has recieved her Certified Nursing Liscence Mary's favorite subjects were psychology German English Art Mary had a favorite teacher she was her German Teacher Mary always practiced extra hard for her grades She would get A's Mary Rincons favorite Sport is Fishing She remembers best of times fishing with her dad first they would get Sugar Cones from the back woods Sugar Cones made the best fishing Pools When Mary was a YoungTeenager she enjoyed scavenger hunts at The Boys and Girls Club Mary had a after school Summer Job Book Keeping at Jacumba Hot Springs Restaurant Mary Loved her Summer Job She would buy School Clothes with her hard earned Money She made an Hour Back In The Day Although Mary Moved around alot Her Favorite Child Hood Memories with her family would be Near Ocotillo Ca Getting her Certified Nursing Aide Certificate was Mary's most exciting Moments of her life She has spent most of her time working in Nursing Homes as a Nursing Assistant She has a heart an compassion and passion for people Mary Rincon is an Author of Books in many Genre's Mary stays up late some nights and writes her heart desires in Children Books Biography Memoirs Teen young adults

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  • Christmas Bear
    Christmas Bear Parenting/Children by Mary Rincon
    Christmas Bear
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    Nov 2013

    Christmas Bear works in a Nursing Home, As a nursing assistant She finds it very rewarding at times, listening to stories an seeing her friends daily, she has...

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