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My first collection of short fiction, 'My Goat Ate Its Own Legs' was published by Harper Perennial in the US/Canada and Beautiful Books in the UK. It received a 5* rating in national British newspaper The Independent on Sunday.




Alex Burrett grew up in South Wales near Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey. He's been writing creative material since single figures. (Saying that, don't most of us write creative material when we're in single figures?) Work and leisure have taken him around a fair bit of Britain and Western Europe, over to the US a handful of times - with a couple of trips to the Eastern Mediterranean thrown in for good measure. In that time he's scaled and fallen off cliff faces, played and got scared in fresh and salt water, loved, hated, got confused, inebriated, depressed and had moments of extraordinarily blinding clarity. His proudest boast is to be married to a magnificent woman and have four fantastic children.

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  • The Titans
    The Titans Fiction by Alex Burrett
    The Titans
    The Titans



    Oct 2013

    Axel Williams is a pre-pubescent megalomaniac who heads a well-established gang. His leadership is undermined by the arrival at his village school of Eddy – a...

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