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Jennifer Smith is more than just the mother of murdered 16 year-old, Anna Lynn Hurd. She is a crusader for anyone who has suffered at the hands of a parent or intimate partner. Having come from a childhood of abuse herself, Jennifer Smith strived to be the parent she never had growing up. Leaving her hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota for Texas, Jennifer Smith was a single mother with the world on her shoulders. Committed to breaking the cycle of domestic violence that had played out in her own childhood and young adult years, she set out to make a new future for herself and for her children. The unfortunate events that led to her daughter’s death would serve as the foundation for what she calls her true purpose in life. Helping other parents and teens with awareness about domestic violence as it relates to teen dating is her sole mission in writing the book and in continuing her own journey toward peace and understanding.

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  • I Trusted Him
    I Trusted Him Biography by Jennifer Smith
    I Trusted Him
    I Trusted Him



    Sep 2013

    Teen relationships are often controversial and severely misunderstood. In some cases these relationships can escalate into what is commonly known as domestic ...

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