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Ravinder is an extremely polished individual who offers years of experience in learning and development within various industries including financial brokerages investments within mid to large size companies on long term projects normally ranging from anywhere between to years During these projects he has managed teams from anywhere between and individuals and has been part of the hiring and termination process but more importantly the continuous management and coaching process in between His style of management is to lead by example set clear expectations maintain a continuous coaching style and maintain flexibility within his team providing continuous feedback in realtime and bottom line trusting his team and empowering them His responsibilities throughout all of his roles have followed the ADDIE model and have included everything from conducting the needs analysis and establishing scope putting together the instructional design the work breakdown structure establishing the whos and whats establishing what mediums to implement the design development the continuous assessment and post-launch feedback and sustainability tools and also importantly conducting gap analysis to address any learning gaps that may have arisen throughout the project A key project he was brought on for was within a brokerage company They had received poor ratings on their customer satisfaction survey within their industry and he was brought on to find ways to address this He conducted the needs analysis and root cause analysis to find out what the core issues were and realized that there were many disconnects and gaps between teams causing a day delay on clients active accounts for trades In the end he increased efficiencies by restructuring the teams to address the workflow issues and processing times as well as workload standardized procedures and ultimately decreased their response time from week to hours Within a year they gained spots up in their

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