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If you would like to remove the invisible lid that keeps you stuck, hit me up and my team and I will help you break through!




12th April 1985

Coach Luc is the Founder of Mindshift Strategies - a high impact coaching company that thrives on creating the most effective systems, strategies and formulas that motivate, inspire and create lasting change in individual lives that aim at finally allowing them to live within limitless opportunity, daily inspired change, selfless renewable service to others and ultimate freedom.

​We're also a safe place for friends and family to hang out and get the daily dose of encouragement and insight that will challenge their thinking and bring a new level of awareness, that aims at lifting an individual into greatness. Our main goal is to inspire ultimate freedom through inspired change!

Luc is a Life Coach based out of Moncton, New Brunswick Canada, whose certified in self-esteem elevation and the creator of the life-altering Goal-Getter Formula and Mindshift Mastery System.

Coach Luc's passion is to create systems and formulas, for temporal and spiritual success, while offering environments to support that success journey, through strategic mastermind group coaching programs that lift, encourage and instruct in the principles of personal development, enlightenment, belief reconstruction, goal achievement, service based enrichment and complete life mastery.

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