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23 year old female residing in a quite melbourne suburb...just another soul..lost, confused, in habit of day dreaming (that is where lucid dream came from!!!)..
An ideal holiday to me is playing wii and reading books. On an average I read 100 books a year and spend 100 bucks a month on buying wii and ps2 games..lols!!
I m a girl who stays indoor on contrary to girl next door.." go get a life" is sumthin that my mum texts me every morning wid immense hope..
I m a student presently and one thing i desperatly want to do
after finishin studies is to travel around the world. Fingers crossd!
Characters like edward cullen and aadil have made it really hard
for me to stumble on wid any common human like guy:(
so i m planning on maintainin my single status through out..though i want to adopt a baby girl one day..thats another hill
to climb.phew!!
My favorite thought in this world that inspired this book comes from a song by the script " I know it makes no sense but what else can i do..how can i move on when i am still in love with you".
Thats story of my life....u can always tell me urs at swati_ singla17@yahoo.co.in!!!!!Cheers!!!

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  • Lucid Dream I
    Lucid Dream I Romance by Swati Singla
    Lucid Dream I
    Lucid Dream I



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