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6th February 1948


I am a theorist. At present, my main research interests lie in the areas of particle physics, gravitational physics and cosmology. In particular, I am working on the model of low-energy quantum gravity having a big possible impact on cosmology.

Since approximately 1994, my interests correspond to the topics: 1. Model of the composite fundamental fermions. 2. Manifestations of the background of super-strong interacting gravitons: a possibility of another interpretation of cosmological redshifts; a possible connection with the supernovae 1a dimming; a deceleration of massive bodies and the Pioneer anomaly; a non-universal character of the Hubble diagram for soft and hard radiations; the correction for no time dilation; galaxy/quasar number counts. 3. Gravity as the screening effect: screening the graviton background, pairing gravitons, the gravitonic pressure force, restrictions on a geometrical language in gravity, the connection between Hubble's and Newton's constants in this non-geometrical approach, asymptotic freedom in low-energy quantum gravity and a non-universal transition to it. 4. Discrete symmetries underlying some continuous ones in gravity and particle physics.

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