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Before I could read, I have always had a penchant for creative storytelling. In fact, as a child my mother caught me holding a book in my lap, turning the pages, and creating a story from my imagination. Additionally, in the third grade, I wrote and narrated a story about a bear that stole honey from bees. My teacher was so impressed with the story that she never returned it. An avid reader myself, I enjoy stories that challenges the reader. Encouraged by my instructors to cultivate my love for writing, I took their advice and wrote my first novel, Darkness and Light. In addition to writing, I have a degree in paralegal studies.

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  • Darkness and Light
    Darkness and Light Fiction by Kathryn Nichole
    Darkness and Light
    Darkness and Light


    Nov 2010

    Christian West, a famous artist, doesn't understand why his mind is haunted by an image of a very beautiful woman. He sees her constantly in his thoughts and ...

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